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Re: [StrongED] Question about StrongEdII v1.20

In message <CAFztDOktQovX2obm1X=TqhGhbOkg2ADHj5MnMiuL7gRWwA8Pow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Xavier Louis Tardy <xltardy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My question is the following ; is it possible to have a delete key that
> will delete what's on the right and another delete key that will delete
> what's on the left.

More recent versions of StrongED have DeleteLeft tied to the Backspace
key and DeleteRight to the Delete key. You may be able to do that on
1.20 too but it's so old that I'm not sure.

The only copy I have that is pre 3.50 is 1.00 and it doesn't have any
ModeFiles so you cannot configure the keys, at least not without hacking
the RunImage (which is compressed).

If 1.20 has a BaseMode file then you might be able to change the key
bindings. If it doesn't then you'll need to hack the RunImage.

Hang on, doesn't the Copy (End) key do a delete right? That's how it
used to work on older machines.


StrongED Developer

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