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Re: [StrongED] Question about StrongEdII v1.20

In message <CAFztDOktQovX2obm1X=TqhGhbOkg2ADHj5MnMiuL7gRWwA8Pow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Xavier Louis Tardy <xltardy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Good evening.
> I've got a question I wanted to ask for a long time.
> I still use StrongEdII v1.20.
> Yes it may sounds strange but I'm very happy with it for what I do on my RO
> 3.10 2 Mbytes Archie.
> My question is the following ; is it possible to have a delete key that
> will delete what's on the right and another delete key that will delete
> what's on the left.
> In this version both delete keys (the arrow pointing left and the Delete
> key) delete what's on the left only.
> It's a bit annoying.
> Thanks for your help and sorry if staying with an early version looks
> strange.
> I'm used to it and again, it's perfect for what I need.
> Regards,
> Xavier.

Does it have a mode file like later versions?
I have just changed my Taskwindow modefile like this.


(was ToTask)

In Zap you can change the KeyMap file to
Looks like you can program several key events to a key.

Trouble is it doesn't apply to a Zap TaskWindow, and there
doesn't seem to be a way to change its actions.

Someone should be able to give you a more definite
answer.  (-:

Cheers Ron M.

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