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[StrongED] Question about StrongEdII v1.20

Good evening.

I've got a question I wanted to ask for a long time.
I still use StrongEdII v1.20.
Yes it may sounds strange but I'm very happy with it for what I do on my RO 3.10 2 Mbytes Archie.
My question is the following ; is it possible to have a delete key that will delete what's on the right and another delete key that will delete what's on the left.
In this version both delete keys (the arrow pointing left and the Delete key) delete what's on the left only.
It's a bit annoying.

Thanks for your help and sorry if staying with an early version looks strange.
I'm used to it and again, it's perfect for what I need.


Xavier Louis TARDY
Mél : xltardy@xxxxxxxxx (Mode de correspondance préféré)
Tel   : 06 12 43 24 46