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Re: [StrongED] RFC; Changing the choices system

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          David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Fred Graute, on 24 Oct, wrote:
> [snip]
> > Over to all of you, any and all feedback is most welcome!
> There is always the risk that I have still not grasped the full extent of
> the subtleties but that may in itself be reasonable feedback, the aim is
> presumably not to defeat the user.

No, that's not the aim, quite the contrary in fact but with a large set
of options comes a certain amount of complexity. As I already said in my
reply to Jeremy the aim is to eradicate the current inconsistencies and
to have a more fine grained system. At the moment, scopes seem to be the
best way to achieve that but it can be confusing for the unwary.

One problem of the current system is that we're comparing the changes in
the choices window against the old mode settings and apply those that
have been altered. If the text/view settings differ from the old mode
settings this can result in nothing happening or the inverse of what one
would expect.

> > [1] Lets say the mode's wrapwidth is set at '80' so any new text and view
> > also have '80' as their wrapwidth.
> >
> > The wrapwidth for the text, and hence the view, is changed to '96'. Then a
> > new view on this text is created and using the Infobar the wrapwidth is
> > changed to '132'.
> >
> > Which wrapwidth we now see in the Mode Choices depends on the scope and
> > view used. If scope is 'this view' we'll see '96' or '132' depending on
> > which view was used. With 'this text' as scope we'll see '96' as that's
> > what it's set at text level. Finally, 'this mode' will show the setting at
> > mode level which is '80'.
> If I set 80 in Mode Choices then that is the default for all new or
> subsequent windows, views that is. If I individually alter the width
> some views from their lower toolbars then those over-rides only apply
> to those views and Mode Choices should still show the default 80 no
> matter which view Mode Choices is accessed from and no matter what
> that view is actually displaying.

Currently changes to the Mode Choices can also affect the current text
or view. Are you saying that you'd rather not have that and that only
mode level should be altered?

I can see some appeal in that but we'd then need a new way to change
settings at text/view level (menus, different dbox?). It would avoid the
confusion of different scopes showing different values at the expense of
having more ways to change the settings.

> Mode Choices is an independent window, once opened there is no way of
> knowing what the parent view was.

Actually there is as that's recorded when the choices window is opened -
main reason is that the window is closed when the parent view is closed
to avoid mishaps.


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