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Re: [StrongED] RFC; Changing the choices system

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          Jeremy Nicoll - ml stronged <jn.ml.sed45@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Which wrapwidth we now see in the Mode Choices depends on the scope and
> > view used. If scope is 'this view' we'll see '96' or '132' depending on
> > which view was used. With 'this text' as scope we'll see '96' as that's
> > what it's set at text level. Finally, 'this mode' will show the setting at
> > mode level which is '80'.
> It's a long time since I last used SE but I think people are going to get
> very confused when they look at a choices display that has a mix of values
> where some displayed values happen to match those in use in the current view
> and some don't.

That's one of the reasons why I put this out there first. Those familiar
with the concept of scopes will probably understand it but those who are
not may indeed find it confusing.

That said, the current system can also be confusing as it's not always
consistent. Not surprising as often both mode and this text/view are
effected by changing a setting. With other settings always applied to
mode and all texts/views in that mode, eg font settings.

It's the current inconsistencies that I'd like to get rid of, and
ideally allow all display settings to be set at view level (in addition
to mode level).

> I might be inclined to have pop-up text display whenever someone mouses over
> a displayed value.  For example regardless of what the scope is, it might
> display:
>   "Mode=80, Text=96, This view=132"

Interesting, perhaps it could be integrated with the interactive help?
Font names might be a problem here, they can be quite long so might
overrun the buffer when the help text is already quite long. Need to
think about this some more.

> Maybe you could use colour to show whether a displayed value is a Mode
> one, a Text one, or this view's one.

Actually I had thought of that but for the Infobar (which contains text
and view options) not the choices window. Colouring every options might
be a bit overkill but some indication of scope beyond the actual icon
might be useful, perhaps a small coloured border?


StrongED Developer

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