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[StrongED] The stuff I did

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          Tim Powys-Lybbe <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I was unaware of it.  Perhaps you could very occasionally put a note out
> summarising all your apps that are on offer and what each can do for us?

Below is a list of the various bits of software maintained / written by
me. It's kept very brief, if anyone wants to know more about any of
these items then feel free to ask.

The Strong stuff

StrongED   - needs no introduction, I would think.
  Complete  - Autocompletion support for the AppBasic mode.
  DigDirSED - Search through directory current file lives in.
  SpeakSED  - Front-end to Jonathan Duddington's eSpeak.
  FTPupSED  - Upload file straight from SED using FTPc.
  ExportSED - Export text from SED in DDF,DDL,(X)HTML format.
  ScriptSED - Support for SED scripts, language bindings.

StrongHelp - Reading and designing on-screen manuals.
StrongMen  - Application launcher, hotlist, file history, etc.

StrongFont - Font conversion, Zap fonts -> StrongED fonts.
StrongSet  - Set StrongED choices for multiple modes at once.

SrcStrED   - Holds the sources for StrongED.
SrcStrHlp  - Holds the sources for StrongHelp.
SrcStrMen  - Holds the sources for StrongMen.
StrongLib  - Holds library files shared by the Strong apps.
StrongDbg  - A simple tool to assist in debugging the Strong apps.

The other stuff

DirShare   - Manage ShareFS shares, create/remove, set permissions.

DoubleTake - Make double-click-and-hold mimic Shift-double-click. Latest
             (unreleased) version also supports the Pinboard.

ExifEdit   - View and edit Exif tags inside JPEGs.

FTPsFE     - Manage FTP accounts (front-end to the FTPs module).

Peekaboo   - Hides the iconbar when not used, bit of a hack. _Might_ be
             integrated with ToggleBD at some point.

ThemeTool  - Create themes prototypes (largely obsolete, the work I did
             on the Wimp has been almost completely removed).

ToggleBD   - Toggle the backdrop (front <-> back) to get at pinned
             objects. Can also toggle the iconbar.

Transient  - Temporary file storage / trap Filer deletions.

YAC        - Extendable scientific calculator (my first Wimp app!).

Clipboard module

PutClip    - Demonstrates how to put data on the clipboard.
GetClip    - Demonstrates how to get data off the clipboard.

Unreleased stuff

CopyCLI    - Copy text from CLI to clipboard, *CopyCLI "text to copy"
             Text is passed through GSTrans so sysvars can be included.

ManToolsFE - A front-end to Steve Fryatt's ManTools, part of the
             ManTools mode.

StorePass  - More of concept ATM, safe, encrypted, storage of passwords.

Volume     - Very simple app to set system volume (speaker & headphone).

WinLister  - Switch clone but using WimpSWIve instead of traversing the
             window stack so can also show hidden/iconised windows.

WordCount  - StrongED addon, count the number of words in a text, either
             simple word count or word frequencies.


StrongED Developer

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