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[StrongED] ToggleBD 1.08 available (again)

Dear All,

An updated ToggleBD v1.08 (15-10-14) is now available for download from:

Apart from the new licence and revised choices handling that were in the
older 1.08 already (see below). This version adds the indication of the
backdrop's position using the iconbar-icon, different iconbar toggling
and a couple of bug fixes.

Initial v1.08 (11-10-2014) changes

The changes in this version are a new licence (BSD) and revised handling
of the choices file to make it simpler and more robust.

Trying to read the choices file on start-up with no choices file present
puts up its own error message instead of the standard 'File not found':

 'Could not read choices file. Reverting to default choices.'

If the choices file was completely missing then the choices would be
saved as a file of type Data rather than Obey causing errors when trying
to run it. Now the choices file is built in memory and then saved as a
filetyped file.

The SetupCfg file has been simplified, if choices$write is present we
use it and if empty copy default choices to it. This way it's no longer
necessary to distinguish between read and write locations, so can now
always use '<ToggleBD$ChoicesDir>.Choices'.

Additional v1.08 (15-10-2014) changes

The bug that caused toggling by screen edge pause not to work has been

The iconbar-icon now provides an indication of the backdrop's position.
The top arrowhead is red when the backdrop is at front, with the bottom
one red when the backdrop is at back.

The toggling of the iconbar has been changed such that the iconbar is
now always in front of the backdrop. (Most of you probably won't notice
anything different, but I've hacked my Pinboard module to use an iconbar
height of 0 so the backdrop covers the entire screen).

When the system is shutdown there could be an error if the Pinboard is
quit before ToggleBD (this may be due to me softloading the Pinboard
module). Whatever the cause it's fixed now.

ToggleBD could receive its own broadcast of Message_ToggleBackdrop
before the Pinboard claimed it (this too may be due to softloading the
Pinboard). This caused flicker as the iconbar was redrawn twice. Now it
only responds to Message_ToggleBackdrop if it's a reply.

Feedback, as always, is most welcome.


Changes in 1.08 (from 1.07)

 - Now distributed under the 3 clause BSD licence.

 - Simplified SetupCfg file, always use ToggleBD$ChoicesDir.

 - Make sure the choices file is always saved as an Obey file.

 - Put up clearer error message when choices file cannot be read.

 - Internal clean-ups; remove code duplication, catch more errors.

Further changes in 1.08 (from older 1.08)

 - Iconbar-icon now indicates the position of the backdrop window.

 - Fixed bug that stopped screen edge pause from toggling the backdrop.

 - Altered iconbar toggling so iconbar is always in front of backdrop.

 - Fixed error when pinboard was quit before ToggleBD in the shutdown

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