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Re: [StrongED] ToggleBD 1.08 available

In message <mpro.ndbxyn0036zdf13x2.pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
          David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> David Pitt, on 12 Oct, wrote:
> [snip - Screen Edge not working]
> >
> > WimpMon sees message &400D1, but I do not see &400D2.
> I have just discovered Steve Fryatt's MsgMon.
> http://www.stevefryatt.org.uk/software/msgmon/
> This does show the &400D2 Message_ScreenEdgeNotification
> http://www.riscos.com/support/developers/riscos6/desktop/wimp/wimpcnp.html
> It found this :-
> Message &0400D2 [Message]
> From '' to 'ToggleBD'

Message comes from the Wimp directly which isn't a task so there's no
sender name.

> My ref: &00000705; Your ref: &00000000

Seems ok too, Your Ref is 0 as it is the initial message, ie no reply.

> 20  : 00000008 : .... : 8

Active screen is 'Top'.

The message seems fine to me so it must be something in ToggleBD that's
preventing from working. I'll have to fire up the RPC to see what's
going on. Could be a bit as I'm trying to ready StrongED 4.70a6 for
release, and there's a nasty bug in StrongHelp's imagefs that needs

Oh hang on, I've got some code to fake Message_ScreenEdgeNotification on
RO 5. A test using that shows Screen Edge is indeed not working, caused
by a silly mistake in the code.

Line 744 in TaskPart reads:

  LDR     R2,[R1,#20]             ; get edge pointer is paused at

This needs to be:

  LDR     R2,[R12,#block%+20]     ; get edge pointer is paused at

Change this and assemble source and it should work.

Good thing I hadn't updated all the other locations (FileBase, !Store,
PackMan) yet, less work to redo, less embarrassment. Thanks, David!


StrongED Developer

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