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Re: [StrongED] RFC; Changing the choices system

On 5 Oct 2014 as I do recall,
          Fred Graute  wrote:

> In message <mpro.ncv8360013sm10tgs.pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > So far I only see three Choices options to be required :-
> >
> > 1. Global, all windows in all Modes.
> > 2. Mode, all windows in that Mode.
> > 2. View, any single window.
> Add 'Text, all views on this text' between 'Mode' and 'View' and I think
> that I can live with that.
> > I am not too sure, as yet, about the 'Text' or 'View' distinction.
> There are options that cannot be set at 'View' level (things like
> newline type, tab insertion, hardwrap) because if they could then the
> result of editing would depend on which view you used. I use multiple
> views on the same text regularly, eg in Dump mode one view in Asm mode
> the other in Ascii or byte mode.

It doesn't (as a user) seem to me to make sense to have a special set of
choices for multiple copies of the same text -- can't this behaviour simply
be a 'special case', in that editing such options on "View" level
automatically duplicates those changes to any other views on the same file?

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