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Re: [StrongED] RFC; Changing the choices system

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          Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >If you have any thoughts on this then please join in!
> Very interesting to see this nesting of scopes.

The nesting is already partly present but the current implementation is
muddled. The choices window always shows the options set at mode level,
so may not reflect what the Infobar says. Options are always set at mode
level and then depending on the option also at text or view level.

For example, if you have two texts open (in the same mode) and use the
choices window to change the 'Insert tabs' option from 'Nearest' to
'TrueTab', it will only affect that text but not the other. If you then
open the choices window for the other text it will show 'Insert tabs'
set to 'TrueTab' while the Infobar still says 'Nearest'.

Another example is the wrapwidth, changing that in the choices window
doesn't affect the text/view at all - it only changes the mode level.
This because the wrapwidth can be set from the Infobar and that takes

What I'm after is something that gets rid of these issues and makes it
possible to see which options are set at a given level and to change
options at that level only using the choices window.

> I can think of various ways of presenting what !CfgScopes does
> in alternative ways that might be easier for users to understand.

Well, I'd love to hear them - that's what RFCs are for after all.


StrongED Developer

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