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Re: [StrongED] Transient 2.08b

In message <5447834f11cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Chris Newman <cvjazz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm using 2.08b as both a RAM disc for "Temporary" storage & as a bin. At the
> moment, all the saves & deletes go to the same directory so they are all
> mixed up. Is it possible to easily separate the saves from the bins;perhaps
> have two different destinations.
> I've looked at "Rules" in the Help manual but they don't seem to do what I
> need.

They should do. To filter saves and deletes to different users you'd set
the rules to something like this:

  User         Application           Filetypes       Pattern
  Bin          TrapDelete            *               **
  Default      *                     *               **

What this says is that all objects sent to Transient from TrapDelete are
to be filed under user 'Bin'. Everything else is filed under 'Default'.

You'll need to use the iconbar-menu > Edit users... to add a user called
'Bin', and replace 'Default' with the name of your standard user.

Once user and rules are set up, saves and deletes should go to separate
users (no need to restart Transient).

> Thanks for a brilliant app.

Glad to hear it's useful, thanks.


StrongED Developer

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