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[StrongED] Transient 2.08b available

Hi All,

Transient 2.08b (test) is now available for download from:

This second test version of Transient 2.08 has more comprehensive
support for the TrapDelete module. The Choices window now has an
additional tab that can be used to control TrapDelete.

Trapping of deletions can be turned on/off, as can the notification
message for successful traps. There's also a list of exclusions that
allows you to specify which directories should not be trapped.

The iconbar menu has gained an extra entry: Restoration, which opens a
window listing all the objects that can be restored. To restore an
object simply select in the list and then click on the Restore button.

The old method of restoring an object by dragging it from the TempDir to
Transient's iconbar icon has been retained.

Please note that this is very much alpha grade software! If you already
use Transient then you are strongly advised to keep your current copy
somewhere safe and to make a back-up copy of your current TempDir.


StrongED Developer

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