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Re: [StrongED] Line number start value

In message <mpro.n5pmnl004ek4w027l.pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
          David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Some of this seems to have been present for a while now.
> Using StrongED 4.70a5 or 4.70a4 the default line number start in Mode
> Choices is 132. This can be reset to 1 but this is not saved to Mode
> Choices, next time StrongED is started the value has reverted to 132.

There are two issues here. Although the code had been updated to account
for all the internal reorganisation, the internal choices (used when no
Choices can be found for BaseMode) had not been updated.

Secondly, the line number start isn't saved so it's not in the Choices
file and StrongED uses the internal value for this setting. Due to the
above omission it was now set to the maximum value for longest line

I've now updated the internal mode choices and added line number start
to the list of options to save. Still need to figure out default bitmap
and outline font settings, they're currently being saved as 'ofla ofla'.

> P.S. Otherwise 4.70a5, for which many thanks, is up and running here, and
> looking good.

Thanks for the feedback, David.

Fred Graute

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