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[StrongED] StrongFont 1.07b available

Hi All,

StrongFont 1.07b is available for download here:

This version has a few bug fixes and some things tidied up.

 - Correct the version numbers for the different font file formats. The
   change to the latest version didn't happen in 4.69 as it was pushed
   to 4.70. So the correct version numbers are:

   o 4.67 & older (tabs at positions 0x000 - 0x003)
   o 4.68 & 4.69  (tabs at positions 0x080 - 0x083)
   o 4.70 & newer (tabs at positions 0x100 - 0x103)

 - Also fixed are a couple of bugs when files that aren't font files are
   dragged to StrongFont.

 - The name of the output file is now set to the leafname of the input
   file when one is dragged in.

 - Options are now shaded if they are unavailable.

 - A few more CtrlTab templates added.

As usual, all feedback welcome.


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