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[StrongED] Transient changing hands

Dear All,

Lately I've been looking at getting some of my software released through
PackMan, starting of with StrongHelp, ToggleBD and Transient.

As the licence for Transient is quite old and a bit quirky I decided to
try to contact original author Alisdair McDiarmid and ask if he'd mind
the licence being changed.

After some googling I found a twitter account from someone with that
name, which showed a number of names well-known in the RISC OS world so
I figured this might be the right person - and indeed it was.

Alisdair had no objections at all to the licence being changed. In fact
he said that I should consider his reply as assigning any copyright he
held to Transient to me.

Upon being asked if he sure about doing this - I was only after a new
licence - Alisdair said he was completely fine with it, so I now hold
the copyright to Transient. Once I've sorted out a licence, a release
will be made under that licence.


StrongED Developer

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