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Re: [StrongED] SetTmp and selected blocks

In message <5a0d52e553.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
          Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I have checked for myself that the StrongED$Tmp_xxx variables
>> get overwritten every time the SetTmp function is called. This
>> is OK if you are only working on one textwindow. But sometimes
>> it would be nice to work on more than one. One might want a script to
>> take as input not only the state of the window to which it has been
>> dragged, but also that of another window. For example, select some
>> text in one window and then drag in a script to another window to copy
>> the selection, perhaps modified appropriately to suit each
>> destination, to all the places in the latter window which match a
>> given pattern.

> The problem here is that the script is applied to the text by an
> external tool which knows nothing about StrongED except what gets
> passed to it in the StrongED$Tmp_xxx system variables. The external
> tool cannot request an other text be passed to it so the solution to
> this must be found inside StrongED.

> Perhaps altering the cs-Drag behaviour, instead of applying it to all
> texts the script is applied to texts that are selected in the LoW. This
> would mean a script could be applied to any set of files, including all
> so that functionality isn't lost.

> Just an off the cuff idea but it looks do-able. Any comments?

The current cs-drag behaviour is very useful. It would be good to keep
it. But how about cs-drags to the StrongED iconbar icon doing 
something with all the texts selected in the LoW? The Process command
uses scrap files. The ProcessLoW command is tied to a restricted set
of actions. Would it be too expensive to have a different scrap file
created for each selected text? Could there be a system variable
StrongED$Tmp_LoWSize returning the size of the LoW? The script could
expect to find in <StrongED$ScrapDir> files out1, out2, ... outn
where n is the value <StrongED$Tmp_LoWSize>.
Then the command inside Process need only have in its tail
the values <StrongED$ScrapDir> and <StrongED$Tmp_LoWSize> as
Does that make sense?

Gavin Wraith

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