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[StrongED] SetTmp and selected blocks

Apologies if this has been raised before. The StrongED$Tmp_xxx
system variables are very useful for exposing StrongED's current
state to scripts. StrongED$Tmp_MarkWord, for example, gives
the word that the cursor is in. Is there any reason for not
so exposing the start and end indices of a selection (which I
presume is also a 'marked block')? I can think of various things
that one could do with that.
I have checked for myself that the StrongED$Tmp_xxx variables
get overwritten every time the SetTmp function is called. This
is OK if you are only working on one textwindow. But sometimes
it would be nice to work on more than one. One might want a script to 
take as input not only the state of the window to which it has been 
dragged, but also that of another window. For example, select some
text in one window and then drag in a script to another window to copy 
the selection, perhaps modified appropriately to suit each 
destination, to all the places in the latter window which match a 
given pattern.
I guess one could save the StrongED$Tmp_xxx variables to other
temporary variables before issuing the SetTmp command. That
would only mean amending the BaseMode file. But it is a bit kludgy
because you have to be sure that no intermediate actions overwrite
the new variables.
Has anybody any ideas on this?
Gavin Wraith

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