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[StrongED] StrongED 4.70a4 available

Hi All,

The fourth alpha release of StrongED 4.70 can found on the website:

The changes in this release have mostly been to the Dump mode. Previous
versions used a fixed 256-byte buffer to build up the text to display.
Because of the fixed buffer larger wrapwidths were simply ignored.

This has been changed, now a flex block is used which means larger
wrapwidths can now be used. At the moment the practical limit is about
2048 as beyond that we will exceed to the VDUs coordinates which are
(signed) 16-bit in size. I'm hoping to add clipping in the next version
to overcome this.

Another Dump mode change is that control codes in the ASCII section are
now coloured as Ctrls making them easier to recognise. Control codes can
also be mapped to other characters similar to non-Dump texts. Currently
depends on the options in the Display and Font sections, like this:

 - 'Show Ctrl as [xx]' = Off => displays Ctrls as dots
 - 'Show Ctrl as [xx]' = On  => displays Ctrls as @ABC etc
 - 'Special Ctrls'     = On  => displays Ctrls as hex numbers
                                (bitmap fonts only)

I'm considering adding 'Show Ctrls as dots' to the Display section so it
becomes available in all modes. However that does mean a change in the
format of the Choices files.

The option to save a Dump text as ASCII in the save dialogue has had its
code updated to account for the changes made. Beware that the text will
be saved exactly as displayed so with 'Special Ctrls' on the output will
contain control codes, they are not mapped to other characters!

The font system introduced in 4.70a3 has been refined to allow better
error reporting. It should now tell you when a font is unsuitable.

Like the 4.70a3 release this is definitely alpha quality. The Dump mode
in particular required some tricky changes. Please give it a try and let
me know if you find anything that's out of order.

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Changes in StrongED 4.70a4 (from 4.70a3)

  - Fixed bug in Search code which caused folding to fail on files with
    2-char newlines.

  - Handling of bitmap fonts adjusted to allow better error reporting.

  - Base decision on which size of fold arrows to use on font height.
    Used to be based on the 'Use 8*8 in hires' option but that's not
    appropriate any more.

  - Dump mode no longer uses a fixed buffer for generating the output
    text. Allows larger wrapwidths to be used.

  - Control codes in the ASCII section of a Dump text are now coloured
    as Ctrls. They can be mapped to other characters as well so they can
    be displayed as '.', '@ABC..' or small hex characters.

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