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[StrongED] Transient 2.07 available

Hi All,

Transient 2.07 (stable) is now available for download from:

This release is the same as v2.07b but now as a formal release.

Changes from v2.06

 - When the Choices was opened the currently selected rule wasn't being
   set to -1 (none). This could cause problems when the current rule was
   deleted, Choices closed and then re-opened.

 - At user request, the date fields in the Expiry section of the choices
   window have been increased to 3 digits to allow larger expiry delays.
   Specifically to make it possible to set the expiry delay to 1 year.

 - Running Transient early in the start-up sequence could cause it to
   fail as it wasn't informed about its Toolbox objects being created.
   Transient now creates its Toolbox objects manually so that it always
   knows the IDs of its Toolbox objects.

As always all feedback is welcome.


StrongED developer

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