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Re: [StrongED] StrongED on a network

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> Fred Graute  wrote on 14 Jan:
> > Since Jim Nagel's question of couple of weeks ago on how to maintain a
> > consistent setup across different machines on a network I've pondering
> > on how this might be done. It doesn't seem too difficult be there are a
> > number of ways of doing it and I would like to know if anyone has any
> > specific features they'd like to see.
> > Things like:
> >  - How many network locations from where to read choices?
> >  - Should storing choices always be done locally?
> >  - If a network location is unavailable what to use for fallback?
> I've wondered for some time (since having more than one Ro computer on
> the network, which is a comparatively new thing for me) how network
> administrators managed the updating and keeping-in-parallel of
> applications back in the days of multiple-Acorn school networks.
> In the heady days of the Acorn-Oracle love affair, much was made of
> the Network Computer idea.  The promise was that maintenance would be
> simplified, that only the server would need updating and client
> machines would load their software from there.
> So I'm wondering if anything from back then is relevant to this
> StrongEd thread.  Anyone on this list with experience from then?

Yes. Joe Taylor, Tom Armour and I ran a network of about 50 Archimedes
from a Riscix server, on an Econet at Sussex University. A subset of the
machines were used in classrooms and were booted from the server. I paid
Guttorm Vik £50 for a licence to use StrongED on the server, as well as
on the other machines in people's offices. It was all a long time ago.
The system ran very smoothly. On the few occasions when things went
wrong we were usually back up in a matter of minutes, with no great
disruption of classes.

Gavin Wraith (gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Home page: http://www.wra1th.plus.com/

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