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Re: [StrongED] StrongED 4.70a3 available

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          Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Ron <iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> >           Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > <snip>
> > >
> > > Another bug fix: Search & Replace failed when using simple search.
> >
> > The font sprite size seems to be 32 times the font height and 9 times
> > the vertical height so I'll have a go at making my 10x20 X font
> > sometime.
> Yes, the font sprite should have 9 rows of 32 characters each.
> > I have made a 10x20 font by taking a snapshot of the output from Zap,
> > converting it in DPingscan and finetuning with Paint.
> Eh, what's wrong with using StrongFont v1.07a? It will convert the Zap
> font file directly to a StrongED font file suitable for 4.70a3.
> http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/archives/misc/sfont107a.zip
> If you create a template with the special glyphs for Ctrl and Tab then
> it can insert those automatically too. The templates go in the 'CtrlTab'
> directory and should have a name that matches the character dimensions,
> in your case 10x20.
> > The above name is related to the internal name of the sprite.
> > I have spent some time getting my X 10x20 font loaded wih the extra
> > characters, maybe somebody can make use of it.
> >
> > http://homepages.woosh.co.nz/ron.may/xfont10x20.zip
> Thanks for that. A couple of minor points:
>  - The characters have all of their horizontal whitespace at the right
>    hand side. It's better to have at least some whitespace at the left
>    hand side as otherwise the characters are right up against the line
>    number section. This doesn't look good when the line numbers use a
>    different background colour from normal text.
>  - The character for 0x7f is not defined. StrongED treats this as a
>    control code so it should match the other Ctrls by depicting '7f'.
>  - The font sprite has a palette which it shouldn't. StrongED accepts it
>    but StrongFont does not.
> > The internal sprite name is 10x20 and it is in the subdirectory called X
> > (inside a 10x20 font directory) so to set the defalt as above
> > Font_BitmapFont:10x20.X Sort of revesed notation.
> It's not reverse notation; it's bitmap directory '10x20', font 'X'.
> The internal sprite name is used to check that the font is the correct
> size. There additional checks to validate the spritefile:
>  - The font sprite should have no left or right hand side wastage. ie
>    first bit used should be 0 and last bit used 31.
>  - The font sprite's width, in words, must match the character width.
>    This is because it's 32 characters per row at 1 bpp.
>  - The font sprite's height, in scan lines, is 9 x character height.
> > Or is this the problem causing saving to crash?
> If you're referring to the abort when saving Choices then that problem
> has already been fixed. See further up this thread.
> Cheers,
> Fred.
Thanks Fred, I've taken the free column from the right and put it on
the left of the sprite, added the 7F character, and unticked the
pallete option.

I tracked back top the last link and reloaded SE a3, installed fresh
config also but I have the same symptoms.
Maybe you haven't uploaded the changes yet?

Ron M. 

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