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Re: [StrongED] StrongED 4.70a3 available

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          Ron <iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> > Another bug fix: Search & Replace failed when using simple search.
> The font sprite size seems to be 32 times the font height and 9 times
> the vertical height so I'll have a go at making my 10x20 X font
> sometime.

Yes, the font sprite should have 9 rows of 32 characters each.

> I have made a 10x20 font by taking a snapshot of the output from Zap,
> converting it in DPingscan and finetuning with Paint.

Eh, what's wrong with using StrongFont v1.07a? It will convert the Zap
font file directly to a StrongED font file suitable for 4.70a3.

If you create a template with the special glyphs for Ctrl and Tab then
it can insert those automatically too. The templates go in the 'CtrlTab'
directory and should have a name that matches the character dimensions,
in your case 10x20.

> The above name is related to the internal name of the sprite.
> I have spent some time getting my X 10x20 font loaded wih the extra
> characters, maybe somebody can make use of it.
> http://homepages.woosh.co.nz/ron.may/xfont10x20.zip

Thanks for that. A couple of minor points:

 - The characters have all of their horizontal whitespace at the right
   hand side. It's better to have at least some whitespace at the left
   hand side as otherwise the characters are right up against the line
   number section. This doesn't look good when the line numbers use a
   different background colour from normal text.

 - The character for 0x7f is not defined. StrongED treats this as a
   control code so it should match the other Ctrls by depicting '7f'.

 - The font sprite has a palette which it shouldn't. StrongED accepts it
   but StrongFont does not.

> The internal sprite name is 10x20 and it is in the subdirectory called X
> (inside a 10x20 font directory) so to set the defalt as above
> Font_BitmapFont:10x20.X Sort of revesed notation.

It's not reverse notation; it's bitmap directory '10x20', font 'X'.

The internal sprite name is used to check that the font is the correct
size. There additional checks to validate the spritefile:

 - The font sprite should have no left or right hand side wastage. ie
   first bit used should be 0 and last bit used 31.

 - The font sprite's width, in words, must match the character width.
   This is because it's 32 characters per row at 1 bpp.

 - The font sprite's height, in scan lines, is 9 x character height.

> Or is this the problem causing saving to crash?

If you're referring to the abort when saving Choices then that problem
has already been fixed. See further up this thread.


StrongED Developer

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