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Re: [StrongED] Transient oddity.

In message <e4d24bca53.pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If Transient is run early in the start-up sequence, it throws up the
> following errors:
> 13 Jan 13:51:36 100   Title    : Transient
> 13 Jan 13:51:36 100   Task     : Transient
> 13 Jan 13:51:36 100   Message  : Unknown or missing variable
> (code2300)

Line 2300 refers to the Iconbar object using Iconbar%. The variable
hasn't been set because Transient hasn't received the Toolbox event
(Toolbox_ObjectAutoCreated) for its creation yet.

This can be fixed by adding 'Iconbar% = 0' to the Initial file but that
only fixes the 'Unknown or missing variable' error.

The real problem is that not one Toolbox_ObjectAutoCreated event is
received when Transient is placed early in the start-up sequence, for
any of its objects. Presumably the Toolbox hasn't been fully initialised
yet and fails to deliver these events - it looks like the Wimp filters
the Toolbox puts around Toolbox applications aren't there yet.

> My solution was to run transient a bit after the main start-up using
> Ian Hamilton's !Delay, but the original poster found that moving
> Transient to the bottom of the run at boot list worked for him.

Yes, I find the same here. Starting Transient slightly later must have
allowed enough time for the Toolbox modules to fully initialise.


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