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Re: [StrongED] StrongED on a network

Fred Graute, on 14 Jan, wrote:

> Hi All,
> Since Jim Nagel's question of couple of weeks ago on how to maintain a
> consistent setup across different machines on a network I've pondering on
> how this might be done. It doesn't seem too difficult be there are a
> number of ways of doing it and I would like to know if anyone has any
> specific features they'd like to see.
> Things like:
>  - How many network locations from where to read choices?
>  - Should storing choices always be done locally?
>  - If a network location is unavailable what to use for fallback?

One copy of StrongED and one StrED_cfg sounds like a nice idea. I have
copies of StrongED all over the place these days, on this Mac alone there
are five RPCEmu instances and a VRPC, all with their own StrongEDs and
StrED_cfgs, plus there are three real RISC OS machines and two more VRPCs.

I did think the Raspberry Pi might do duty as a server but the very slow
outbound ethernet speed puts paid to that, until it's fixed that is.

VRPC could be used as a server, using ShareFS, on either this Mac or my
Window 7 PC. The down side is that the Mac and Windows 7 RPCEmus do not
network here and therefore do not ShareFS either.

The always on central repository here is a NAS, this is the method I am
trying, until I change my mind again. VRPC on this Mac now boots with a
LanMan98 mount to the NAS and two of the Mac RPCEmus have symlinks to the
NAS. (The RPCEmus do not network and cannot see the NAS via LanMan98.) 

I now have SE4.70a2 on the NAS with its own StrED_cfg alongside. There needs
to be a bit of fiddling with StartUp.SetupCfg to ensure the NAS StrED_cfg is
the one used, the line looking for StrED_cfg in Choices$Write is commented

It works. The networked StrongED is slower loading to the iconbar than a
local copy. Configuration changes made on one platform are not seen a
StrongED running elsewhere until it is restarted, as tested by changing the
caret type.

There is one issue that comes to mind immediately and that is the delete key
differences in BaseMode on OS4 and OS5.

Autosave needs a rethink, more than one instance of StrongED could be
writing to the autosave area.

The fallback while developing this is the local StrongEDs as they are
currently installed. Where a fallback is really needed is the laptop which
might be away from home and so away from the NAS, that has to also have its
own local copy but that can be synced from the NAS copy.

Using this networked system when 4.70a4 appears I would only have to reset
all the BitMap names once.

David Pitt

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