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[StrongED] Transient oddity.

I thought this was a peculiarity of my setup, but someone else has 
reported the same thing on c.s.a.apps

If Transient is run early in the start-up sequence, it throws up the 
following errors:

13 Jan 13:51:36 100   Title    : Transient
13 Jan 13:51:36 100   Task     : Transient
13 Jan 13:51:36 100   Message  : Unknown or missing variable 

The errors I got were slightly different, but certainly included 
"Unknown or missing variable".

My solution was to run transient a bit after the main start-up using 
Ian Hamilton's !Delay, but the original poster found that moving 
Transient to the bottom of the run at boot list worked for him.

Does anyone else find this happening?

With best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc W) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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