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[StrongED] StrongED 4.69f5 available

Hi All,

The fifth full release of StrongED 4.69 can found on the website:

If you've already downloaded 4.69 then please find an updated RunImage
here: http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/archives/misc/ri469f5.zip

There's just a single bug fix in this release.

Excluding filetypes from rules in a ModeWhen file didn't work correctly.
This mostly affected Dump. Files that should use Dump mode could end up
in another mode as excluding them from certain rules didn't work.

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Changes in StrongED 4.69f5 (from 4.69f4)

 - Fix bug that prevented ModeWhen's filetype exclusion from working.

Changes in StrongED 4.69f4 (from 4.69f3)

 - Changed handling of Shift-drag to a TaskWindow so that it claims the
   input focus, useful if the TW had focus but the Filer claims it when
   you start to drag a file. Also moved Ctrl detection up so a leafname
   can be inserted into a TW too, just like regular views.

 - Fixed bug in SaveDrag function, (extended) filetype is in r6 not r2.
   This could result in the application 'dragged to' not accepting the
   file. extASM being the actual example but there may be others.

 - The template for the LoadDir dialogue box had an incorrect validation
   string which caused key presses in the dbox being sent to StrongED.
   StrongED then tried to look up which functions to execute but there
   is no text associated with the dbox so a pointer if -1 was used.
   ARMv5 allows this but ARMv7 does not.

Changes in StrongED 4.69f3 (from 4.69f2)

 - Dump mode had a serious redraw bug. Making a Dump mode view very
   narrow when automatic wrap was on would lead to redraw errors and
   occasionally a locked machine.

Changes in StrongED 4.69f2 (from 4.69f1)

 - Checking of permissions didn't work correctly when trying to use a
   ClickList function. Clicklist functions failed because of this.
   Missing instruction added.

 - Clicking on the right hand side of a character when using an outline
   font and bar caret should place caret to the right of that character.
   Didn't happen as the relevant code was still commented out.

 - Aligning tabs to the Tabstops definition didn't work correctly when
   using a non-proportional outline font. Code for it was still geared
   towards bitmap fonts.

 - Reading of cmos values for double-click delay and double-click
   cancel distance was still assuming pre-nested wimp allocations. This
   could result in a large delay and/or cancel distance. Code updated to
   test version of window manager in use.

 - Dragging a selection near the right edge of a window set to AutoWrap
   would scroll the content left. The exposed area at the right won't
   be redrawn as it's beyond the text's width. Now windows with AutoWrap
   set don't scroll horizontally.

 - A similar bug to the above. Scroll a window with a large wrapwidth (>
   screen width) completely right, then set it to AutoWrap. The window's
   horizontal scroll offset isn't reset to 0 causing redraw failures
   when dragging over the window. Fixed by forcing the H scroll offset
   to 0 when (re-) opening a window with AutoWrap set.

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