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[StrongED] StrongMen 1.27 configuration

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          Peter Young <pnyoung@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> However, a tiny grump, I'm afraid! The new versions come not only with
> their own StrongMenu Options files, but these are also locked. I'm
> sure that all we users have our own StrongMenu and Options files, and
> when the previous version was issued it took me a lot of
> head-scratching to work out why I couldn't access my own StrongMenu
> when StrongMen was run. I knew what to do this time, though. Should
> there be a bit about this in the Installation file, perhaps?

Previous version were a bit wishy-washy in how they used Choices:. The
StrongMenu file could be in Choices: but only at top level, not inside a
subdir called StrongMen as it should be. The Options file could only be
inside !StrongMen.

As of v1.27 StrongMen works in much the same way that StrongED does.
The StrongMenu file should be located in Choices:StrongMen.UserPrefs
or, if you don't want to use Choices:, in !StrongMen.Config.UserPrefs.
Same goes for the Options file.

Once the StrongMenu file is moved to the correct location it should take
precedence over the default copy inside StrongMen, even after an update.

What the download lacks at the moment is an automated way of moving the
Options and StrongMenu files the their new, preferred locations. However
I do have an application that does all the updating, including a Lua
script to update the StrongMenu file. It just needs a bit more polish.


StrongED Developer

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