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[StrongED] StrongED's silver jubilee

Hi All,

In 1989 Guttorm Vik started writing StrongED, more precisely StrongED 1.
This version of StrongED was rather limited with a hardwired maximum of
4 open texts.

This was unsuited for proper desktop use, so in 1991 Guttorm decided to
start StrongED v2.00, a full rewrite, and it's what we still use today.

This means that come 2014 StrongED will be 25 years old! Not that many
RISC OS programs of this vintage that are still in use, let alone being
actively developed!

Lets have three cheers for all those that have helped, in some way, make
it this far - starting with Guttorm Vik, of course.

I'm hoping to 'celebrate' this occasion by releasing StrongED 4.70 at
some point in 2014, suggestions still welcome.

Best wishes for the New Year to all!


StrongED Developer

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