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Re: [StrongED] StrongMen 1.27b2 wimp error

In message <093f13ba53.iyojohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          John Rickman Iyonix <rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> After inserting a line in the StrongMen menu I get a reproducible
> error when selecting it.
> The line is:
>  Openfiles <tab> #OpenFiles
> It works the first time I try it and the list of open files is
> displayed.
> A subsequent hover of the mouse pointer has the effect of putting a
> red I-bar input cursor immediately after the OpenFiles word.
> A message then pops up "Wimp may have gone wrong... "Illegal window
> handle".

Thanks for the bug report, John. This bug has now been fixed.


StrongED Developer

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