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[StrongED] mode file for Impression DDF

Has anybody ever concocted a StrongEd mode for Impression DDF?  A 
search of subject lines in this list turns up nothing on the topic.

The modes database has a very old one called CConcepts, but it seems 
to predate the Document Description File that you get when you do 
"save as story" out of Impression.  (The same DDF is used by any 
version of Impression, from II through Style to Publisher Plus.)

What I'm after would be quite simple, I think:
  -- style commands such as {style "foo" on} to display in a colour
  -- odd-character codes such as {\252} in a different colour
  -- other {} stuff in a third colour
  -- a way of collapsing the long list of definitions at top of file 
before the actual text begins.

Identifying a DDF file is easy:  filetype is text, it begins with "{" 
on a line by itself, next line begins with "define ".

I'd have a go at defining a mode myself, but the learning curve looks 
steep for a StrongEd nearly-novice.  If I had the beginnings of a mode 
file to play with, I could happily add bits of my own.

Such a StrongEd mode would be a big help in the preparation of Archive 
magazine, for I routinely manipulate the DDF of any incoming article.  
It'd be a lot easier on the eye if the commands stood out from the 

Thanks.  --jim

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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