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[StrongED] StrongMen 1.27b2 available

Hi All,

StrongMen 1.27b2 is now available for download from:

The main changes are:

There are two new configuration options. Click-and-hold can be turned
on/off and the hold delay is now configurable. Clicking at the left edge
os the screen to open the StrongMenu now accepts a user defined margin.
This may be useful when it's difficult to put the pointer right up to
the screen edge (RPCemu or a virtual desktop that uses push to move to
next desktop).

Two new commands have heen added: #ListDir and #ListTree. Both commands
take a directory path as parameter and will build a submenu from their
contents. #ListDir does only one level whereas #ListTree will recurse
into subdirectories.

Make sure you read the installation instructions carefully when you are
upgrading from an older version!

Feedback is, as always, most welcome.


Changes between 1.27b2 and 1.27b

 Bugs fixed

  - Fix bug in PathMatch_Type that stopped exclusion lists from working.
  - Fix position of StrongMenu when opened from the iconbar icon.
  - Fix bug which caused an error when using semi-colons in commands.


  - Shift-Select opens UserPrefs, Shift-Adjust opens Defaults.
  - Click-and-hold can be turned on/off with configurable delay.
  - Clicking at left edge of screen now accepts a configurable margin.
  - Added #ListDir command, builds submenu from given directory.
  - Added #ListTree command, builds submenu tree from given directory.

Changes between 1.27b and 1.26

 Behind the scenes

  - Further split up source into multiple files
  - Lots of routines have been refactored

 Bugs fixed

  - Keystrokes that started with an up-arrow didn't work
  - StrongMen aborted when RISC OS Help was active


  - Options can now be kept in Choices
  - Prevent multiple copies from being run
  - Ignore all objects dragged to the iconbar icon (for now?)
  - Added #Nil command (prevents 'file not found' errors)
  - Keystrokes definitions can now use 'cs-' for Ctrl and Shift
  - JustLeaf switch no longer protects history (must use Keep switch now)
  - Option 'Save history on exit' removed (must use Keep switch now)
  - Kept history sections are now trimmed on save when limit is lowered
  - Improved support for Browse & NetSurf, doesn't rely on icon numbers

  - Manual has been completely overhauled, more informative and clearer

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