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Re: [StrongED] manual at Torrens site gone AWOL

In message <65825bb653.jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Jim Nagel  wrote on 2012-April-06:
> > The StrongEd homepage -- http://stronged.iconbar.com -- has a link for
> > Manual, which says:
> >      Richard Torrens is currently working on a new manual for
> >      StrongED in HTML. Progress so far can be seen here:
> >      www.4qd.org/ro/stronged/manual/01.html
> > Result is a picture of a pretty girl, "This domain may be for sale".
> Never had a response to this -- forgot I posted it 18 months ago, till
> I did a search today for subject "manual".
> Does anybody have a copy, please, of the manual that apparently used
> to be at the defunct Richard Torrens site?
> Could it perhaps be made available from the main StrongEd site?

It could, assuming Richard is okay with it, I should still have a copy.

Mind you, it was last updated in 2000 and as such is quite out-of-date
in some areas. If there are specific questions that you need answering
then it might be better to ask them here.


StrongED Developer

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