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Re: [StrongED] StrongED longest line feature

In message <mpro.mxfpn1004hxlm00cy.pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
          David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> John Rickman Iyonix, on 7 Dec, wrote:
> >
> > The option to set the wrapwidth to the longest line in the file stops
> > working at 128 bytes. (Menu on line length on info bar or middle button
> > ->Display>Wrapwidth>Longest line.)
> >
> > I sometimes use this feature to discover the longest line in a large text
> > file so I can set the StrongED$Wrapwidth appropriately.
> >
> > If the longest line has more than 128 characters the wrapwidth does not
> > show it.
> So it does. It actually stops at the value set as 'Max' in the Mode Choices
> -> Wrapping. ('Longest line in file' does not need to be selected.)

Correct, 'longest line' can be clamped between a Min and a Max value to
prevent 'silly' values. When the wrapwidth is set very small, editing
becomes awkward. When larger than the screen width, horizontal scrolling
has to be used to read all of the text.

In most cases it's therefore best to set Min to a workable value, eg 64
and to have Max match the screen width. For John's purpose a large Max
value should do the trick.

> StrongED$WrapWidth within the file behaves as it should.

Er, 'StrongED$WrapWidth = Line' is also clamped. :-)


StrongED Developer

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