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Re: [StrongED] manual at Torrens site gone AWOL

Jim Nagel  wrote on 2012-April-06:
> The StrongEd homepage -- http://stronged.iconbar.com -- has a link for
> Manual, which says:
>      Richard Torrens is currently working on a new manual for
>      StrongED in HTML. Progress so far can be seen here:
>      www.4qd.org/ro/stronged/manual/01.html
> Result is a picture of a pretty girl, "This domain may be for sale".

Never had a response to this -- forgot I posted it 18 months ago, till 
I did a search today for subject "manual".

Does anybody have a copy, please, of the manual that apparently used 
to be at the defunct Richard Torrens site?

Could it perhaps be made available from the main StrongEd site?

The link on the StrongEd site's "Manual" frame needs revising anyway.

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk

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