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Re: [StrongED] StrongED longest line feature

John Rickman Iyonix, on 7 Dec, wrote:

> The option to set the wrapwidth to the longest line in the file stops
> working at 128 bytes. (Menu on line length on info bar or middle button
> ->Display>Wrapwidth>Longest line.)
> I sometimes use this feature to discover the longest line in a large text
> file so I can set the StrongED$Wrapwidth appropriately.
> If the longest line has more than 128 characters the wrapwidth does not
> show it.
So it does. It actually stops at the value set as 'Max' in the Mode Choices
-> Wrapping. ('Longest line in file' does not need to be selected.)

StrongED$WrapWidth within the file behaves as it should.

This with StrongED 4.70a2.

David Pitt

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