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[StrongED] Re: ToggleBD 1.05 available

In article <mpro.mws1zv000l4q802uw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.invalid>, Jeremy
Nicoll - ml stronged <jn.ml.sed45@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Also fixed is the !Run staying open due to calling the RunModule file
> > to start the ToggleBD module. RunModule has been merged with !Run to
> > avoid this from happening.

> ISTR that there's a switch on the Obey command (-c or -cache maybe?,
> not sure if all versions of Obey support it) which tells Obey to read a
> whole Obey file into storage and close it, then start executing the
> in-storage copy.  I think on one of my old RO systems I changed the
> run_type alias for oBey files to include the switch.

*h. obey
==> Help on keyword Obey
*Obey executes a file of *commands, performing argument substitution on
each line. Prefixing the filename with -v causes each line to be echoed
before execution, -c causes the file to be cached and executed from
memory, -m causes the lines
to be read from the specified memory address
Syntax: *Obey [[-v][-c][-m] [<filename> [<parameters>]]]
==> Help on keyword Obey
Module is: Obey            0.39 (26 Jun 2003)

Commands provided:

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