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[StrongED] ToggleBD 1.05 available

Dear All,

ToggleBD v1.05 is now available for download from:

This version fixes the positioning of the iconbar icon when ToggleBD is
run during boot. The display of the iconbar icon was delayed causing the
icon to appear in a different location then its position in 'Boot > Run
at startup' would suggest.

Also fixed is the !Run staying open due to calling the RunModule file to
start the ToggleBD module. RunModule has been merged with !Run to avoid
this from happening.

Feedback, as always, is most welcome.


 - Use Run to start !RunImage instead of Filer_Run.

 - Moved RunModule into !Run, else !Run stays open.

 - Fixed iconbar icon positioning when run during boot.

 - Fixed bug that caused hack mode to fail on RO Select.

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