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Re: [StrongED] Unknown bitmap style

In article <3ea63da653.pittdj+@xxxxxxxxxxx>, David Pitt
<pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <53a6054c75riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Richard Ashbery
>   <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > In article <22d4229c53.pittdj+@xxxxxxxxxxx>, David Pitt
> >    <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [snip]

> >> Fred's definitive answer, tried and tested here.

> >>  - Make sure that there's no files loaded into StrongED -
> >>  Ctrl-Drag the Modes directory to the iconbar icon - Change
> >>  Pattern to: *,**.colours* - Click 'Load directory'

> >>  - Open the SnR dialogue box (s-F4) - Set Search to 'CtrlTab'
> >>  and Replace to 'Regular' (without quotes) - Ensure Engine is
> >>  set to 'Simple' and Scope to 'All' - Click 'Go' and then
> >>  'Replace all' in the what next window - Open LoW window
> >>  (Ctrl-L) and click Menu -> Save -> Save Changed

> > Although I have successfully carried out this procedure on an
> > Iyonix (RISC OS 5.18) I get an 'abort on data transfer at
> > &00020408' on my Raspberry Pi running RISC OS 5.21 (08-Jul-13).
> > The error occurs when typing a dot character after *,** in the
> > 'Load directory' window.

> To my amazement I found exactly the same thing here which was
> particularly odd as I had done the conversion before on this Pi.

> Set the Pi to ARMv5 compatibility mode and it works again.

Thanks for confirming problem. I've repeated the procedure with Pi in
ARMv5 mode and although I can carry out the procedure without the
'abort on data transfer at &00020408' error it doesn't eliminate the
original CtrlTab problem.

In ARMv5 mode the procedure appears to work correctly - SED found 54
occurrences of CtrlTab and replaced it with Regular and
List-of-Windows listed all the files found with an asterisk by each to
inform me that they had been changed. I saved all the changes but
CtrlTab still appears on every mode I tested - curious!!

Looks as though Fred may have to intervene - maybe your StrongDump
file will help find this bug.


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