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Re: [StrongED] Transient with Aemulor on rasPi

In message <33535fa153.iyojohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          John Rickman Iyonix <rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have just installed AemulorPro in predesk on my RaspberryPi. Now
> when I run Transient the machine freezes and requires a power off and
> reboot to work again.
> Transient puts its icon on the icon bar with a name of xx-xx-xxxx.
> the last few entries in the reporter log are:-
>  Run <Transient$Dir>.!RunImage
>  @RunType_FFB SDFS::RISCOSpi$.appz.t1.!Transient.!RunImage
>  Basic -quit  "SDFS::RISCOSpi$.appz.t1.!Transient.!RunImage"
>  [BASIC/75A03940] Exec
>  ..... TaskClose &75C039A0
>  Copy <Wimp$ScrapDir>.TranCfg <Choices$Write>.Transient.Choices f_c_v
>  Exec
> Any suggestions for a fix, bypass, cause?

Not really. Transient is just BASIC so shouldn't be affected by
AemulorPro. The toolbox modules it uses might be a problem, in
particular the Tabs module, but that seems unlikely too.

Do other toolbox based applications work ok?

BTW the reference to TransCfg suggests that this is an older version so
you might want to try the latest version and see it that fares better.


StrongED Developer

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