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Re: [StrongED] 4.69a3: ModeWhen ~filetypes not working?

In message <dbeccfa153.martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Martin Bazley <martin.bazley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Something I've been meaning to report for a while here - not sure if
> it's a known bug, I've been doing something wrong or somehow nobody else
> has noticed.
> I tend to view a lot of binary files in Dump mode, and this has drawn to
> my attention the fact that StrongED is really very bad indeed at
> recognising them as such.  With the exceptions of executable files, it
> is far more common for a non-textual file to open in BaseMode than in
> Dump.


> Experimentation confirmed that a list of filetypes preceded by a ~
> character currently appears to be non-functional.

Spot on!

There were a couple of spurious instructions that stopped a list of
excluded filetypes from working correctly. Removed those and binary
files are going to Dump again, subject to ModeWhen rules of course.

Thanks for reporting this.


StrongED Developer

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