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[StrongED] StrongED 4.70a2 available

Hi All,

The second alpha release of StrongED 4.70 can found on the website:

This release has most of its changes in three areas:

 - Iconbar menu has an item to easily open files and locations
 - Invisible characters (space, hard space) can be made visible
 - New functions to control options using toolbar icon or keys

To enable the above changes a number of internals had to be altered so
there's, again, plenty of scope for bugs. Making (hard) spaces visible
required changes to the redraw system and the new functions needed the
way in which options are stored and handled to be altered. So, please
keep an eye an redraws and options handling and report anything odd
that you find.

As always, all feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Changes in StrongED 4.70a2 (from 4.70a1)

 - Changed handling of a DataLoad to a TaskWindow so that it claims the
   input focus, useful if the TW had focus but the Filer claims it when
   you start to drag a file. Also moved Ctrl detection up so a leafname
   can be inserted into a TW too, just like regular views.

 - Space and hard space characters can now be made visible by setting
   the appropriate option in Mode Choices -> Display.

   Syntax colouring has had groups added that allow (hard) spaces to
   have their own colours. The menu listing all groups has been given a
   new order in an attempt to separate different types of colouring more

 - New menu item added to the iconbar menu: Open
   This provides access to storage locations and configuration files
   used by StrongED. These files and locations could already be opened
   by holding down a modifier key when clicking on the iconbar icon or
   an entry in the Modes menus but this wasn't easy to remember.

 - The SetOptionValue function has been extended such that it now
   updates texts and views when an option's value is changed.

 - Two new functions have been created to complement SetOptionValue;
   BumpOptionvalue and CycleOptionValue.

   BumpOptionValue can be used to decrease/increase the value of a
   numerical option, eg WrapWidth. The format of BumpOptionValue is:

     BumpOptionValue("OptionName", Adjustment)

   OptionName is the name of the option to change. This name is the same
   as is used in the mode choices file. Adjustment is a signed number to
   be added to the current value.

   CycleOptionValue is used to move to the next value of an option that
   is represented as a single option or a group of radio icons. Format:


   Together with SetOptionValue they allow options to be controlled via
   toolbar icons and keybindings. In some cases this will be easier than
   having to open the Mode Choices.

   For example, turning display of invisible characters on/off is most
   convenient when it can be done from a toolbar icon and with these new
   functions you can. Simply tie one or more of the following functions
   to a toolbar icon:


   Another example is adjusting the size used for an outline font. The
   size can be increased using:


   And decreased with this:


   Tie increase to Select click on a toolbar icon and decrease to Adjust
   click and you can very quickly alter the font size used.

   The downside of the new functions is that they operate on mode level
   rather than text/view level. Also, they can be used on Mode Choices
   only not Global Choices. These limitations might be fixed in later

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