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Re: [StrongED] "wrapwidth" setting

On 19 Oct 2013, Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <20d6c49c53.old_coaster@old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>
>           Tony Moore <old_coaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> >    Menu -> Open -> UserPrefs
> >                 -> Defaults
> >                 -> ModeLock
> >                 -> ModeFile      [BaseMode]
> >                 -> Modes menu
> Thanks Tony, gives me something to think about. I don't think the Modes
> menu needs to be in there as it's already linked to the Create item.

OK, so scrap the Modes menu and we are left with


>   - Shift-Select -> Open UserPrefs
>   - Shift-Adjust -> Open Defaults
>   - Ctrl-Select  -> Open ModeLock
>   - Ctrl-Adjust  -> Open BaseMode ModeFile

which are the key combinations which are not so easy to remember.

> ModeFile and ModeWhen files can also be opened by clicking Menu over a
> view and clicking on the last item, the modename. Modifiers are the
> same as for Modes menu, Shift-Select -> ModeFile and Ctrl-Select ->
> ModeWhen.

The additions to the BaseMode file which you suggested, a couple of
posts up the thread, work perfectly, and give easy access to the current
Mode's ModeFile and ModeWhen files.

> The Open sub-menu is to contain all the options that require a modifier
> key? That's how I have understood it.

I think so.


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