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Re: [StrongED] "wrapwidth" setting

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  Richard Ashbery <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>>> In article <c683379c53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>, Fred Graute
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>>>>> David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>> On 17 Oct 2013, at 16:47, Richard Ashbery
>>>>>> <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [snip a little]

>>>> Please excuse my pedantry here. Using StrongED$WrapWidth inside
>>>> a ModeFile is fine but you must put it in a comment line as
>>>> otherwise StrongED will try to parse it.

>>> Inserting StrongED$WrapWidth = 132 in an HTML file overrides the
>>> figure in Softwrap in Mode Choices (wrapwidth figure of 132
>>> appears in the Information bar). This confirms Martin's earlier
>>> posting. If I insert the command string into HTML's ModeFile
>>> (with a comment prefix character... #) and saved in
>>> StrED_cfg.UserPrefs it gets ignored. What am I doing incorrectly
>>> please?

>> No, the setting in HTML.Modefile is not ignored, it is only applied
>> when that file is viewed. I have just tried it here and the
>> default StrongMode WrapWidth of 256 is overidden.

> This seems to conflict with what Fred has posted earlier. The plot
> thickens!!!!

I don't see any conflict. We are both trying to say when a setting in 
a ModeFile has an effect, and when it doesn't. Perhaps I should have 
said such a setting is not totally ignored, it would not have any 
effect when looking at an HTML file but it does when the ModeFile 
itself is viewed.

David Pitt
iMac rpcemu v0.8.9 RISC OS 5.21

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