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Re: [StrongED] "wrapwidth" setting

The following bytes were arranged on 19 Oct 2013 by Fred Graute :


>   - Adjust -> Open the Modes menu
>               - Select on a modename -> Open new view in that mode
>               - Shift-Select         -> Open ModeFile for that mode
>               - Ctrl-Select          -> Open ModeWhen for that mode

As the Create submenu already allows such access, the way I understood
the proposal was to add a submenu to each of the entries on it,
containing two options: "ModeFile" and "ModeWhen".  (Possibly also a
"Create new file" which duplicates the clicking action if we're going to
be Style Guide-pedantic about it.)

This would conflict with the existing submenu for BaseMode, but has
anyone ever used that?

I guess an 'Open' submenu would still be necessary for accessing global
files like FileLock.

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