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Re: [StrongED] Unknown bitmap style

In message <539c1dd9d7riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Richard Ashbery <riscos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> With SE4.70a1, I'm getting...
> Unknown bitmap style
> CtrlTab in mode:XXXX

> where XXXX can be BASIC, HTML, TaskWindow etc.

> Anyone explain this please?

This ties in nicely with the List Archive thread, this question was 
answered on 8 Oct 13.

The CtrlTab bitmap is obsolete and not present in 4.70a1 but 
references to it still exist in old ModeFiles.

Fred's definitive answer, tried and tested here.

 - Make sure that there's no files loaded into StrongED
 - Ctrl-Drag the Modes directory to the iconbar icon
 - Change Pattern to: *,**.colours*
 - Click 'Load directory'

 - Open the SnR dialogue box (s-F4)
 - Set Search to 'CtrlTab' and Replace to 'Regular' (without quotes)
 - Ensure Engine is set to 'Simple' and Scope to 'All'
 - Click 'Go' and then 'Replace all' in the what next window
 - Open LoW window (Ctrl-L) and click Menu -> Save -> Save Changed

David Pitt
Raspberry Pi RISC OS 5.21

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