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[StrongED] Re: List Archive

In article <5a5d139c53.wra1th@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Gavin
Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <539c10ffc9j.mccartney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> you
> wrote:

> > I'm making another start at learning HTML/CSS and want
> > to use StrongED as the editor. Although I have a web
> > site, I used WebWonder to build it and I'd like to have
> > a go at remedying its shortcomings by hand.

> You will be needing NetSurf then, as the only RISC OS
> browser to handle a decent amount of CSS. Even so, there
> are various useful things it cannot yet do, such as
> display tooltips or dropdown menus using :hover.

I've got NetSurf, thanks Gavin. I used to keep up-to-date
with all the development versions but recently I've just
stuck with v3.0.


John McCartney

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