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[StrongED] Re: "wrapwidth" setting

In article <9d78809b53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>, Fred Graute
<fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In message <539b77c7a5tim@xxxxxxxxx> Tim Hill <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> >
> > I have some PHP files which contain an inordinate amount of HTML and
> > I would rather edit those few in StrongHTML mode than PHP mode. I
> > manually switch at the moment. Is there a similar variable I can
> > place in a comment at the head of the files which will 'force' a PHP
> > (or any) file to open in StrongHTML?

> Yes, the variable StrongED$Mode. Set the variable somewhere in the
> first 1k of a file to the name of the mode you want, ie StrongED$Mode =
> HTML .

> It's best to place it in a comment line so it doesn't upset anything
> when it's read by a parser, compiler etc. Also note that there can only
> be one such variable per line.

> More information on text-specific configuration is in the manual:
> 'Manual -> Introduction -> Configuring StrongED' at bottom of page.

Did look, couldn't find it! Have now. It works!!

Thanks Fred, you have made a good day even better.  :-)

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