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Re: [StrongED] "wrapwidth" setting

In message <c1120f9b53.old_coaster@old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>
          Tony Moore <old_coaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 15 Oct 2013, Jim Nagel <stred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Please can someone tell me:
> >
> > How do I cause a certain textfile to open at width 132, without my
> > having to manually tweak "wrapwidth" at the bottom of the StrongEd
> > window every time?
> >
> > Can't find anything relevant in iconbar Choices.
> >
> > (The file in question is a logfile that I am opening frequently while
> > monitoring something.  MPro's Msgserve log, as it happens.)
> The log should open in SysLog mode, if you have that installed. Then
> Mode Choices > Wrapping > Softwrap width > Fixed number of characters >
> 132. However the width of the display is set via Global Choices >
> Windows, so 132 characters will not be displayed, unless your default is
> 132, and you will still have to click the toggle-size button.

You could tie the FullView function to the OnLoad keyword to force the
view to full size. Simply add this line to the SysLog ModeFile:

   OnLoad   FullView

Doing it this way has the advantage that it affects one mode only rather
than all modes which may be more desirable.


StrongED Developer

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