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Re: [StrongED] StrongED 4.70a1 available

In message <bb3a169753.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
  Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The first alpha release of StrongED 4.70 can found on the website:
> http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/archives/releases/se470a1.zip

I have installed SE4.70a1 here and put it in pole position, it has not 
done anything untoward.

> The release comes with BaseMode and an updated version of Dump Mode.
> All other modes can be downloaded from the modes database, they are
> the same as those for 4.69.

Just one small snag, a lot of the ColoursStd and ColoursAlt still have 
Style settings to the old CtrlTab bitmap, an error to that effect 
occurs on opening Mode view windows. I have had a clear out and reset 
all such settings to Regular both in Defaults and UserPrefs.

Thanks for the continuing development.
David Pitt
Raspberry Pi RISC OS 5.21

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