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Re: [StrongED] lua script

In message <b8bb489353.old_coaster@old_coaster.yahoo.co.uk>
          Tony Moore <old_coaster@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> StongED 4.69f2 running on RO 5.20 / RPCEmu 0.8.10 / Win7
> Attempting to use the Lua dedupe script, from the StrongED toolbar icon,
> leads to the error "File 'lua' not found" and, on clearing that error,
> "File '<StrongED$ScrapDir>.in'" not found'.
> Is this a bug, or have I missed something?

Make sure that Lua has been seen by the Filer. You can check if this is
the case by doing: *show Alias$lua*

The output should like this:

Alias$lua : lua570 %*0
Alias$luac : luac570 %*0


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